On 6th July, Trowbridge resident Txema Garcia will be cycling up and down the White Horse via Bratton up to 80 times to raise money for local charity Wiltshire Search and Rescue.

The ‘Everesting’ attempt, which sees cyclists pedal up and down the same hill to reach a 28,029ft / 8,848m target – the same height as Everest – was invented in 2014.

The challenge is simple yet physically incredibly tough and Txema will need to dig deep to see it completed. But he is determined to fundraise for a charity close to his heart.

“Wiltshire Search and Rescue volunteers go out to look for vulnerable and missing people throughout the county and beyond. We might not have any mountains in Wiltshire but these guys certainly endure their own challenges, out in all weathers, looking for loved ones who have gone missing. The recent search by the team in Savernake Forest made me realise I wanted to give something back and I thought this challenge was something that fitted well.”

Txema – who is married to a Wiltshire Search and Rescue volunteer and they have one daughter – will start his attempt at dawn, hoping to finish before it gets dark on 6th July. There are some disadvantages to the hill he has chosen, not least because at the top it’s very windy. And Txema has decided he wants to go for a ‘First’ – a hill that has never been Everested before – which is why he has chosen this route.

Just under 3,500 completed Everesting attempts have been verified across over 80 countries in the world and if Txema manages it, he’ll be added to the Everesting hall of fame for perpetuity.

With a number of long-distance cycle rides already completed and a passion for pushing himself hard, chef Txema is optimistic about his chances. “I know that it’s going to be mentally tougher than I can imagine. Doing the same route up and down the hill 85 times will take some doing but I’m really determined.”

If you’d like to support Txema in his attempt and raise money for Wiltshire Search and Rescue please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/not-only-mountaniers-need-rescuing.

Wiltshire Search and Rescue team members are professionally trained volunteers. The team is called out by Wiltshire Police to search for missing and vulnerable people such as people with dementia or people in mental health crisis. In 2018 the team was called out over 70 times, being directly responsible for saving lives.

Wiltshire Search and Rescue is a charity, relying solely on fundraised income for running costs and major purchases such as a 4×4 vehicle. The team receives no statutory or government income and all donations of money or equipment are gratefully received.