This is the second in our series written by new trainee Dave Hughes.

Continuing my training blog, the time an evening session with talks from both the police and ambulance service as well as an overview of the broader search and rescue framework across the UK.  Never having been involved in anything remotely like this before, some real eye-opening stuff; more people go missing than I would have thought, Wiltshire Search and Rescue is regarded very highly for search skills and professionalism and we could really do with a few more ambulances!

The fact that Lowland Search & Rescue is mentioned in the same breath as Mountain Rescue or the Coastguard (as well as the main emergency services) brings home the importance of the role.  Apparently the AA doesn’t count.

Really useful session – and I still can’t believe that it is entirely voluntary and self funding.  I take my hat off to all the existing members of Wiltshire Search and Rescue